Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Space Renumbering Tool - Hackalicious

I got a comment on my previous post about the new Plug-in posted at Autodesk Labs asking about renumbering Spaces.

Well the Room Renumbering tool does not accommodate spaces too. I decided to use this as an excuse to steal a word from Zach Kron (hackalicious) and hack away at the Room code to convert to Space Renumbering. It took me a little less than an hour and two questions to Phillip Miller at Kiwi Codes (though I did find my answers before he replied both times, quick responses though Phillip!!).

I edited every reference to room, Room, ROOM, ROOMS, rooms to space, Space, Space, Spaces, spaces etc. I also had to change every reference to room in the forms and the properties of the "project" (C# code). The builtinparameter for ROOM_NAME is also different, SPACE_ASSOC_ROOM_NAME. I created a new Add-in file and used the GUID site to create a unique GUID for the add-in.

If you are using the existing Space Renaming Tool (available from Autodesk Subscription) to match the architecture model's rooms then you shouldn't need to use this. If you aren't and just need to renumber them then have fun!

Click to Download my hacked version of the room renumbering, now the Space Renumbering Tool.

Hack at your own risk!


Mark B said...

Hi Steve
I extracted your hacked room renumber file and i get a.dll file and a .pbd file which when i open in notepad is nothing like a .addin file.

Thanks Mark

Steve said...

oops! I fixed the zip file to include the correct file! Try the link again! Sorry!

Bruce said...

Hmmm, time to re-hack so this tool can renumber views...

Kelli Lubeley said...

You rock. Period.