Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dept. of Spell Chuk - King and Kong

Years ago I was reading a specification for theater rigging equipment. The text describing the necessary chain was written as "proof coil chairs" instead of "proof coil chain".

Another project referred to the Porte Cochere (roof and structure that covers an entrance and driveway in front of a building) as "potty coacher".

Today, reading a BIM modeling guideline, the following line grabbed my "funny bone", regarding modelling primary studs, "All King and Kong studs will be modeled".

Better get busy modelling those Kong Studs!

Methinks "King and Corner studs" is the more likely combo?


TerribleTim said...

I don't know, Kong was kind of a stud. I mean, he did get the girl, right? :-)

Anonymous said...

Steve, I have heard cold-formed framers refer to oversize studs (3"+ flanges) as "Kong Studs" when used in place of a king studs at door jambs.(good for heavy doors) You won't find the term in industry manuals, but perhaps on site. I have thankfully never encountered a potty coacher! Great Blog!

Steve said...

Interesting insight Tim!

The field "colloquialism" occurred to me but I'd never heard it before personally, thanks for the info!