Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dept. of Subtle - Illegal Characters

I'm not referring to characters in a play, novel or movie but the characters we use in filenames. Revit will complain if you attempt to use them to name a view, sort of.

If you create a drafting view and use something like "1/2:12" it won't complain. Try to rename it and you'll be in trouble with Revit. An odd quirky item to be sure.

In general you don't want (I think you don't) to use these characters for view names because they get used to export to dwg/ifc/pdf etc. These characters will create errors when Revit tries to create the file using them. Don't use them in your title block drawing titles either for the same reason. I decided to post this after reading a post at RevitForum asking if anyone else had noticed the subtle name>rename peculiarity. such complaint when you do the same thing with Legend Views, hmmm.

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