Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hint hint

Next week if you live near one of these Southern California user groups you should plan to attend.

BIM User Group Inland Empire (BUGIE) Tuesday (March 22)
  Hosted at HMC Architects
  3546 Concours Street, Ontario, CA 91764

Los Angeles Revit User Group (LARUG) Wednesday (March 23)
  Hosted this month by Lee, Burkhart, Liu, Inc.
  13335 Maxella Avenue, Marina del Rey, CA 90292

South Coast Revit User Group (SCRUG) Thursday (March 24)
  Hosted at LPA, Inc.
  5161 California Avenue Ste 100, Irvine, CA

I'm just sayin' (well actually I'm not, am I?)


Steve Bennett said...

Don't you think a picture of a "Galaxy" would have been appropriate than a comet?


J said...

Nudge, nudge,...know what I mean,know what I mean?

Steve said...

It's a shooting star as in "wishing upon a...". I have "no idea" what you are getting at? 8-)

J said...

Steve B,
Perhaps you might consider that breaking an NDA is best NOT done on the WWW!!! Balls to the wall though!!!

Scott D Davis said...

Must be some special presenter at these user group meetings...

Chris McNiel said...

What would be your definition of "special" be? Is our presenter being driven to these groups in a short bus!? JK! Looking forward to it!!