Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Revit 2015 R2 - Double Click Open an Older File

I wrote on Monday that Revit 2015 R2 warns us if we are opening an older file that will need to be upgraded first. Daniel Stine let me know that a different dialog appears if you double click a file to open it. Now I don't do that and don't recommend you do that either. Here's the dialog that appears if you do though and this one waits till you respond.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Revit 2015 R2 - Load into Project and Close

Have you ever edited a Revit family and then used Load into Project? Only once or twice? Yeah you're like me then. Have you ever thought it would be nice if you could close the family without having to return to it or having to close it first and then use Load from Library > Load Family? Yeah, me too.

Apparently we've got someone from Autodesk listening in on our thoughts (or blog posts/tweets/wishlists/support requests) because Revit 2015 R2 thinks we are on to something and it has a new button called Load into Project and Close

Just keep in mind that you DON'T want to use this when your family is using a Type Catalog! If that's true you also DO NOT want to use the Edit Family feature from a project either. Using Edit Family creates a version of the family that includes all the types that are loaded into the project. The same is true when you use the Right-Click > Save As feature on a family from inside a project. If a family is using a Type Catalog then the family doesn't need the burden of all its types defined inside it too.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Revit 2015 R2 - Upgrading File Warning

Harry pointed out in his blog post the other day that the latest update now provides a warning to let us know when we are opening an older file that must be upgraded first. It gives us an opportunity to cancel the process. As you are well aware, we've always had to wait for that to finish before we could close the file, WITHOUT saving, and then open the correct version of Revit, and begin again.

I complained about this in my own blog post and Harry was good enough to respond with a solution via his Boost Your BIM site and his excellent Udemy Revit Programming class.

However, unlike Harry's solution, which stops Revit in its tracks until I provide a response to the warning, Autodesk chose to let Revit keep opening the file. The dialog stays on screen until the file finishes opening. When we are opening a project file that's probably okay-ish.

Opening a family file, not so much. They will usually open too fast to make it of any use (ironic that is a complaint of sorts). I tried it on a couple families prior to writing this (and the reason I'm writing now) and I saw the dialog exactly long enough for me to grasp what it was saying and it was gone...too late to click Cancel Upgrade.

Unless I'm poised to click the button as soon as I start to open a file I'm likely to miss it. Sadly it is a bit too much like Whack a mole, the bugger's gone before my mallet gets there.

Trying to get a screen capture of that dialog was fun. I ended up opening an older project instead so it would be open longer. It seemed so easy to me, just make it do what Harry's did...

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Revit 2015 R2 - MEP Circuit Sequence and Recently Used Panel

New Feature - Circuit Sequence

Somewhat related to yesterday's new electrical feature there is also a new Electrical Setting called Circuit Sequence. There are three choices: Numerical, Group by Phase and Odd then Even (a common request, to fill one side of the panel and then the other).

This helps determine how the next circuit that gets created is assigned to slots in a panel. Subtle but an important addition.

New Feature - Most Recently Used Panel

When we create a new circuit Revit now offers a list of panels on the ribbon, on the System Tools panel. It remembers the Most Recently Used Panel so creating a new circuit and assigning to a panel can be as little as two clicks. One click to select the electrical element and another to click on Power. As long as the correct panel is display in the drop down list box you can move on to another task. As you can see my favorite electrical panel is in the list already.

Subtle stuff makes me grin!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Application Manager - There Are Aren't Updates

Stuff like this... a day in the life of software users. I'm greeted with a message each time I fire up Revit 2015 that lets me know that Autodesk 360 needs an update installed. I launch the new Application Manager as recommended (a button is even offered) and I get a spinning wheel of dots and a very nice message that "all is well" in the background. Tedious...

I guess I'll just have to go through the old way, downloading updates etc... so I can get the Application Manager working again so next time I can find out that there are/aren't updates available...

Revit 2015 R2 - MEP Move To for Circuits

Here's a subtle one for Revit mEp users, a new button shows up in Panel Schedules when you select a circuit.

Move To begins by selecting a circuit. You can choose another eligible slot in the schedule. You'll see the "No You Can't" icon at your cursor when you hover over ineligible locations in the schedule.

Revit will highlight eligible slots in the schedule by turning the cells green. If your schedule has a fixed number of slots and they are all filled up you'll have to reconsider the panel loads. You also need to move circuits up or down to create an open location. The Move To feature doesn't shift existing circuits around, it just moves a circuit a bit easier than using up or down when a slot exists for it to move to.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Echo David Light - Autodesk Revit 2015 R2 Info

This is an echo of what I read on David Light's blog this morning. He's working with Autodesk now and it clarifies which version of the latest release you need to use according to the type of licensing you are using, thanks David!

David writes:
I got some useful information from our Enterprise Support team which I want to share. Its certainly worth being aware of this….
  • Autodesk are pleased to announce new Update releases for Revit 2015.The following files will be available for download via the Autodesk Application manager: 2015 R2 (includes UR4 and the latest Hotfix) - Subscription Advantage Pack customers
  • 2015 UR4 for regular customers where the license registration is not tied to a subscription contract
Please Note: You have to choose from either 2015 R2 or 2015 UR4 as they cannot be installed alongside each other. If Revit 2015 has not been registered , then you will not be presented with either update.
  • Revit 2015 R2 w/ ENU docs - is available via the Subscription Center under downloads
By 6pm EST, September 19th:
  • Revit 2015 UR4 w/ ENU docs - will be available for download via AKN (.com). All remaining languages for download via Application Manager, documents in Subscription Center and AKN, will be published within the following week.”

Revit 2015 R2 - Reference Other View

For many years now we've been able to use a concept called Reference Other View when we create sections, elevations, callouts and drafting views. We used to take advantage of it via the Options Bar, while creating those kinds of views. It's been moved up to the ribbon which seems to be another nail in the coffin for the poor old Options Bar, we knew thee well...

If you look closely you'll find you can create a New Drafting View, the default choice in brackets. This is an interesting subtle enhancement, for example:
  • Click Section
  • Choose Detail Section
  • Check Reference Other View
  • Select New Drafting View
  • Place your section view annotation
  • A new drafting view appears in the Project Browser
It's an expansion on the recently added ability to change which view our annotation is referencing. It was always a bit frustrating that it was necessary to delete the view reference and start over when we inadvertently picked the wrong one. The same Reference panel on the ribbon becomes active when you select a view that is using the Reference Other View concept, again instead of being able to do it on the Options Bar. We can just choose the correct view from the list.

This is all subtle but a bigger deal (though still subtle) is Searching the list. Did you notice the search criteria field at the top of the list in each of the earlier images? Enter your some of your desired view's name criteria and you'll find the view you want to reference quicker!

Oh, if you attempt to create a new view and then find the Reference Other View option is checked and you can't remove the check you are probably in a Drafting View. We can't create a live view based on a drafting view so it makes sense but it can be a bit confusing at first.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Revit 2015 R2 - Data Row

In August of 2013 I wrote to complain about the placement of the Data Row button to create a new room, area, space or sheet in a schedule. I'm happy to write that they listened to me (and everyone else). The latest update release for 2015 has dedicated a little bit of ribbon real estate to a Insert Data Row button on its own. Fewer clicks for click counters to click (or count)!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Revit 2015 Supplementary Update

A quick heads up...Autodesk released Revit 2015 R2 today.

From an Autodesk email:
Autodesk Revit 2015 R2 includes more than 30 user-requested features that add powerful capabilities, enhance software performance and improve user productivity for architects, MEP and structural engineers. Fully compatible with the existing Revit 2015 releases, R2 does not have a file format change and installs without disrupting ongoing work in Revit 2015.
Other key features include:
  • Increased Productivity: Multiple enhancements in R2 improve modeling and work productivity
  • Increased Overall Power: With new features, R2 enables you to do more
  • Increased Performance: R2 meets requests for faster software performance to make work easier

You can read the announcement on In the Fold.

Read the What's New in 2015 R2 documentation.

Monday, September 15, 2014

RTC in Asia

This is a repost of Wesley's at the RTC Blog, please pass the word along to your friends, co-workers and fellow Revit/BIM people, thanks!

RTC is coming to Asia!

We are now in the early planning stages for our first event in Asia, expected to be held in October or November next year (2015). As with the other regions where we have introduced RTC events, we have listened to the comments and queries of delegates and RTC Community members that have been increasingly vocal in their desire to see this event in Asia, and at the same time we have been watching with great interest the development of some of the government initiatives in the region such as the Singapore Government’s Construction Productivity and Capability Fund and the 5 year BIM roadmap.

Then again, it’s also a great excuse to do a trip around some pretty amazing cities…

In order to take this process beyond “That would be cool” and “lots of people have asked” and “it’s a really big community” we need to do research on what this might mean to people in the region. We remain an event run by users, and our primary focus is as always the question of what would best serve the community. When we introduced RTC into North America, very little changed about the style and methodology with which we ran the event. In Europe, we recognised that there were bigger cultural, social and political dynamics to consider, not to mention the question of a region with a number of languages. This led to some changes in the format of the event which, while hopefully quite subtle from a delegate point of view, are nevertheless identifiable as unique to Europe. An Asian RTC event introduces a cultural and social difference greater again than that in Europe, with a far broader range of languages as well. To us, this is exciting, and the challenge is one that we relish as part of the energy that RTC is all about.

...but it means we need your help…

We might recognise that there are differences in theory, but what does this mean in practice? How do we tweak the way that RTC runs elsewhere to best suit the needs of the Asian BIM community? What are the topics that are most urgent, and most interesting? There are many questions that need to be addressed, and we would like to address them to you, and solicit YOUR answers.

To that end, Heidi Lam and Wesley Benn will be travelling through Asia during September and early October to host a series of information nights where we can introduce ourselves and hear your feedback on those questions. This trip will encompass Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore and details of when and where the information nights are being held can be found at the RTC Asia Web Site . These information evenings are free to attend, and form an important part of ensuring that RTC Asia becomes what you want it to be, so please do come along and join in the conversation.

Finally, it would also be great if you all could spread the word about these events so that we can ensure that as wide a pool of community members hear about it as possible. If you do sign up to join us on the night, please consider also sending the link on to others. The more that contribute to the conversation, the better the outcome.

We are all enormously excited here about the prospect of our first Asian event, and we look forward to seeing many of you at the information nights as well as next year at the first Asian RTC!

Wesley Benn
Executive Chairman
RTC Events Management