Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Posts

This is the only one!

My first Revit OpEd blog post was December 2004 (though a pretty useless "Hello World"). At any given moment it doesn't feel like I've been doing this for ten years. That written, after my previous post and the holidays I found myself adrift, not feeling motivated to write at all, nothing, zip, nada. I was now keenly aware of how long I've been doing this and I was too busy to challenge that feeling so I just let it go. I figured it will pass. I'll decide to write stuff again. Besides how long could it last?

Well...all month precisely...

I apparently have NOT lost the will to write entirely. The well still has some water in it, Revit is still annoying enough to write stuff about. I enjoyed the break! (ask me about my new Bourbon problem sometime)

Sorry...there will be more posts.

The Mgmt.

P.S. I've have been editing and posting many Revit JOBS blog posts this month. It's been quite busy this month.