Friday, May 04, 2012

Shared Coordinate Post Summary

Updated: 11/05/2015

This is a summary of posts I've written about shared coordinates and related posts. They are listed from the most recent to the oldest. That doesn't necessarily reflect their relevance based on age at all.

2015 Revit 2016 R2 - Positioning by Auto - Project Base Point to Project Base Point
2015 Transparent Elevations and Large Coordinates
2015 Link Positioning Manual - Base Point
2015 Survey Point - Post 4 - Acquiring Coordinates and View Orientation
2015 Survey Point - Post 3 - Five Minutes with Shared Coordinates
2015 Survey Point
2015 Survey Point - Post 2
2015 Follow Up - Importing DWG Files Using By Shared Coordinates

2014 Importing CAD Files and By Shared Coordinates
2014 Relocate Project is Sleight of Hand
2014 Confirm Acquire Coordinates (wish)

2013 Basic Survey and Model Coordination
2013 Acquiring Coordinates between Trades
2013 Project Base Point Manipulation
2013 Transfer Project Standards and Shared Coordinates
2013 Moving the Project Base Point
2013 Coordinating Projects Using Shared Coordinates
2013 Lock Down Shared Coordinates

2012 Reset Shared Coordinates
2012 Revit Level and Elevations
2012 DWG Files and Funky Snapping

2011 Location Location Location
2011 Shared Coordinates and Copy Monitor
2011 Project Coordination - Early Days

2009 Autodesk University Virtual Shared Coordinates Class
2009 Shared Coordinates Features Disabled
2009 Starting Projects - Two Pieces of Advice

2008 Shared Coordinates and Other Trades
2008 CAD Surveys and your Revit Project
2008 Acquire Coordinates Confirm

2006 True Elevation and Position

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