Thursday, March 10, 2011

Revit Family Standards Australian-New Zealand

Attendees at the Revit Technology Conference 2008 (held in Melbourne, Australia) sparked a lively debate about content quality and standards (or the lack-there-of). Several people expressed an interest in developing a standard for their market, chief among them Michelle Van Kolck.

Michelle wrote tonight about the latest update to their progress on her blog BIM BOOM BAM. She's got some cool art on her blog banner, linked below:

Michelle and this group worked on this steadily despite having regular day jobs and lives and review their progress at the last RTC conference in Sydney. They also created a wiki site where people could review and contribute. The wiki site is now offline and they've started a new site with the title:


There is only the front page introduction and a little background for now. Michelle wrote this in her post:

Because the new ANZRS document set is at the Peer Review stage I can’t share them, just yet. We will run this set through this 6 week Peer Review process, respond to all feedback and then formally launch our proposed solution at the next Australian Revit Technology Conference this year, on 21 May 2011. I would expect that the documents will then also be available shortly thereafter to all of our industry at the following WEBSITE.

Looking forward to seeing their work in May at Jupiters Gold Coast, Australia!

There have been various attempts in the USA to do something similar. The members at AUGI have started threads, the members at RevitForum are having one now and Autodesk's Seek has the Revit Family Style Guide which is chiefly intended to help them organize content on the seek site. The collateral opportunity is to provide a consistent framework for content.

The success of these efforts remains somewhat elusive since "we" are all different people with varying agendas and needs. The effort is noble and deserves our attention, I'm sure the various groups wrestling with this conversation would welcome help!

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