Wednesday, March 30, 2011


AUGI | AEC EDGE and AUGIWorld merged and David Harrington has taken the reigns as Editor-in-Chief to get things organized in the new monthly format.

AUGI is interested in hearing from you if you want to write for the eZine. David has organized a team of Content Managers to solicit authors/articles and then manage their submission to the eZine publishing team. If you'd like to write please contact the manager for the product you are focused on.

This is the list of the content managers as it stands now:

Notice there are a couple products still looking for a Content Manager, that could be YOU!

If you didn't read it in the earlier issue of AUGIWorld, I stepped away from the Editor-in-Chief role so I could focus on other things. I was getting stretched too thin and the merging of the eZines gave me the opportunity to "retire" that I really needed. I really appreciate David's willingness to step in so I could do it.

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