Thursday, March 17, 2011

Aaah, Glorious Gadgets!

At RTC last year we had a session called Glorious Gadgets. If you watch the video I posted last week there is a shot with a guy wearing some probes on his head. That was one such gadget (Emotiv) used to control Navisworks and walking through a building with our thoughts. We are planning to have the session again at both events RTCAUS and RTCUSA.

I just received a "glorious gadget" yesterday, a Space Explorer from 3D Connexion.

One of the benefits of blogging that I never really imagined back in 2004 when I wrote my first post is that a company would send me something and ask me to play with it! Naturally they are hoping for some good thoughts, a post or two and feedback. The proverbial "win/win", they get something, I get something and the people who read the blog get to read about it and see if they feel motivated enough to get a glorious gadget for themselves.

I'm just "wishing upon a star" that I have a meaningful way to use it soon!!!

Which reminds me, I have another GG lurking just out of site in the image above that I'm well overdue writing about. Truth is that my daughter has more or less taken it away from me, she LOVES it! More on that soon!


Ben May said...

"wishing upon a star" very subtle :) Keen to hear your review though

Steve said...

That's me...subtle ;)

Unknown said...

I have the basic space navigator, I didn't think they worked in Revit, has this changed?

Derrick said...

I had the pleasure of obtaining the new 3D mouse for a trial myself. I hope you have better sucess with it than I did. I really needed it for Navisworks 2010/2011 but it does not work well at all. Perhaps you will have better luck than I.