Monday, March 07, 2011

Revit API and 3D Views

Thought I'd mention a post from David Baldacchino on his blog "Do U Revit?". He wrote that he has often wished for a faster way to generate 3D views that are cropped down around a specific part of the project, just by selecting something in the view already, like a stair or furniture. He got busy and forgot about it but he revived it this morning. His friend at B.I.M.M. (a German Company) wrote something for him for free and said he can share it too!

I think it's cool that my friend David (originally from Malta) has a friend in Germany that will share something like this with the rest of us, globalization, global community in action!

Read all about it here and check out B.I.M.M. (you may need to be able to read German as they are working on a English version of the site).

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J said...

There is always Google translate for near perfect translations!!!