Friday, March 18, 2011

Dept. of Echo - Your Office Template

Warning! Before I echo what you should read you need to:
  • Wait till tonight/tomorrow night
  • Grab a beer (or preferred beverage)
  • Chips (or preferred snack)
  • Close your office door
  • Turn on a little reading music
  • Turn off the phone/Facebook/Twitter etc.
  • Tell the neighbors you are out
  • Tell your wife/spouse/kids that you are not to be disturbed
Then wander over to Aaron Maller's blog Malleristic Revitation. He's never been accused of being brief or a "man-of-few-words" so no worries, it isn't going to happen this time either. He's taken the time to write out his perspective on Creating a Revit Template, based on his experience doing it at four firms (I think that's the count now). He's got an opinion and he's not afraid to use it, and offer it free of charge!

I've got one thing to add to his post, "ditto"! Now get ready!


Aaron Maller said...

LOL. LOL. LOL. << Shortest post ive ever written. =)

Steve said...

Careful...remember your reputation!