Friday, March 04, 2011

BIM on Your Project

Got an email this afternoon that provided some insight into their cash outlay for getting software and hardware up and running. Looked something like this:

  • Revit Architecture - 6k
  • Revit Structure - 7k
  • Revit MEP - 7k
  • Navisworks Manage - 10k
  • Subscriptions - 4.8k
  • Kickaxe PC - 6k
  • Training - 5k

  • Using BIM on our Projects: "Priceless"

A little play on the MasterCard commercials. I thought the last line was funny and a nice touch!

BIM isn't "inexpensive" but then neither are coordination issues or rework. I liked a slide by one presenter at BIMForum that said, "Do Pre-work not Re-work". Good philosophy I think.

Sure, we can find coordination issues without BIM. It just takes longer, it's a bit harder and we need to rely even more heavily on experience and some intuition . Add BIM to experience and intuition and you've got a pretty powerful combination.

As Tim used to say on Tool Time, "More Power!"

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