Monday, March 21, 2011

New Release Slides - RAC - RST - RME

These are just the appetizer slides for the hour long blogger demo of the new features. They appeared briefly and each presenter chose to work directly in Revit instead of flipping slides. As you can imagine, one hour could not have possibly covered every item in great detail.

They only had time to discuss these items in more detail:

RAC 2012
  • Parts/Assemblies and dividing elements (construction features)
  • Visualization
  • Point Clouds
RST 2012
  • Analytical Model and Tools
  • Concrete 3D Reinforcement
RME 2012
  • System Browser Enhancements
  • Duct/Pipe Systems
  • Placeholder Ducts/Pipes
These are the slides that list the big items for each release.

RAC 2012

RST 2012

RME 2012

Each version shares platform improvements naturally so there is overlap. Also mentioned in the webcast was substantial improvements to the API which opens the door to further improvements to existing and as yet to be created 3rd party applications. There are also numerous candidates for my Dept. of Subtle posts to deal with later.

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