Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Autodesk Labs Plug-in of the Month Update - RoomRenumbering

Nice bit of news in my Google Reader feed this morning! Since my previous post they've improved on the first release of the plug-in. Here's what's new from It is Alive in the Lab:
  • Added support for door renumbering
  • Added support for the form to adjust to Windows Display and DPI settings
  • Form is not topmost anymore, that is, it does not cover other applications' windows
  • Added "Zero padding" option to the assigned number, e.g. 009 instead of 9.
  • Added support for windows and spaces
  • Restructured the code (source included in the download) to make it much easier to add support for other object types
With this update, this plugin can be used to renumber or re-assign the "Number" properties of rooms or "Mark" property of doors in the order that the user selects while avoiding duplicated assignments. The command allows the user to specify the starting number with the option of the prefix and suffix added.


Probably needs a new name now?

Didn't take long, now my Hackalicious post is irrelevant!

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