Friday, March 25, 2011

InterSpec - e-SPECS 6.0 and Revit Keynotes

Conversation last night reminded me of the news release that I intended to mention here but never did. Do you wrestle with Revit's keynoting features? If so you might consider having a closer look at e-SPECS new Keynote features in the 6.0 release they announced this past January.

e-SPECS v6.0 includes new Keynoting Management at the master and project levels with intelligent assignment of coordinated keynotes to Revit families and materials directly through the e-SPECS Revit Plug-In Console.

From their Revit page...
-SPECS for Revit generates project specific keynotes coordinated with your specifications to ensure accuracy in detailing. Rather than have your detailers select from hundreds to thousands of master keynotes, e-SPECS generates the list of only those used in your BIM project. In addition, e-SPECS for Revit generates automatic Outline Reports and a specification Table of Contents. These facilitate a design process ensuring the highest quality product is produced without the error prone and mundane manual efforts previously required without e-SPECS.

You can WATCH a ONLINE Demo if interested.


Brian Payne said...

Steve, have you actually used E-spec's new keynoting tool? Personally, it looks like more trouble than its worth and still doesn't solve current issues. I would love to hear thoughts from people who like it.

Steve said...

Haven't used that myself yet, would like to but don't have it and too many other demands on my time right now. For firms that must deal with keynoting anything that attempts to improve that situation is worth having a closer look at.

Brian Payne said...

I took a closer look recently and the workflow to getting a new keynote into your project just doesn't work for us.