Thursday, September 04, 2008

Stairs and Railings - Quick Reminder

A railing follows its host stair until you edit the sketch of the Railing. At this point Revit "sighs in relief" and says to itself, "once less thing to manage!", and hands the Railing Sketch responsibility off to you/me/someone. Revit is finished with that Railing. Any changes to the stair and your railing stays put. Revit is loathe to mess up your lovely Railing modifications.


Nicholas Iyadurai said...

Did they change this behavior in 2009? I edit the railing sketch (for eg. to an arc.) > It goes crazy. Then I edit the sketch again, but this time, if I draw it over the inside edge of the stringer, Revit starts to manage it again!
Your blog rocks. I read em everyday!

Steve said...

Sounds like you are probably interacting with the sketch segment's Options Bar choices "Auto-Detect", "Flat" and "Slope". When a sketch isn't above its stringer (Boundary) it "falls" to the ground. When it is properly positioned the "Auto-Detect" settings figures it out again.

Thanks for reading and the kinds words!