Sunday, September 14, 2008

Quick Tips - Cut/Copy/Paste - Paste Aligned

It is never a bad idea to remember to basics like these:

Windows Standard Shortcuts
Copy to Clipboard = CTRL + C
Cut to Clipboard = CTRL + X
Paste From Clipboard = CTRL + V

Paste Aligned
Think "Paste Special" in Excel if that helps...special paste options.
a) Edit Menu > Paste Aligned > Current View
b) Edit Menu > Paste Aligned > Same Place
c) Edit Menu > Paste Aligned > Pick Level Graphics
d) Edit Menu > Paste Aligned > Select Level by Name...
e) Edit Menu > Paste Aligned > Select Views by Name...

Explanations for each:
a) Current View will paste model or annotation elements into this view assuming you copied elements from some other view (or the same view technically).

b) Same Place will paste something back in exactly the same location. For example you want to move something from one design option to another. Cut to Clipboard while editing the one option and Paste Aligned > Same Place while editing the other option.

c) Pick Level Graphics will let you select one level to paste model elements on. For example select columns on Level 1 and use this option to select Level 2 or 3 or 4.

d) Select Level by Name will do the same as above (with Model Elements) but will let you choose multiple Levels from a dialog (Morerer fasterer)

e) Select Views by Name will let you paste 2D/Annotation Elements from one view into multiple other views by selecting from a dialog.

Thanks to Behzad from Kelar for the inspiration for this post and his quick tip about the using zero (0) with Paste...which is...

Let's say you need to alter a floor slab to indicate where one pour will end and another will start. You have one overall slab that needs to be two pieces. Bezad's example was focused on different phases. Edit the existing slab. While in sketch mode select the sketch segments you want in the "other" pour and Copy to Clipboard. Alter the sketch so the existing slab now represents the first "pour".

Now create a new slab and use Paste to place the sketch that you Copied to Clipboard earlier. When Revit displays temporary dimensions, you can enter zero (0) to "tell" Revit to paste at the original coordinates of the elements that you copied to clipboard. The sketch lands on top of the original slab location which can now be altered for the extents of the second "pour". Equal result as using Edit Menu > Paste Aligned > Same Place but you didn't have to go all the way up to the Edit menu.


Patrick said...

Thank you, I had been trying to figure out why you would ever need "Same Place" pasting. I guess in the same vein you could move objects between linked models.

Anonymous said...

One less known feature is that you can CTRL+C and CTRL+V sheets with all text and detail elements intact while there is no view loadad into them. That's why my default sheet is called "copy me". :)

Steve said...

Yes...I posted this back in 2006.

Anonymous said...

same paste also would be used for Reference Plane copying ... elements on a reference plane will not " copy over " when you copy a reference plane. copy > paste same place is used. while the element is still highlighted ( in red ) rehost it to the other reference plane

Anonymous said...

Tried this on a project. Created a floor copied a line, pasted using "0" and the line was always 2" off horiz. and 1 7/8" vert. Didn't matter if the line was drawn horiz. or vert., same problem each time.

Started a new project and "0" worked.

Careful, results may vary!