Thursday, September 04, 2008

Wish - Recent Files Window

This feature appeared with the release of 2009 in response to frequent criticism of the standard Windows compliant behavior of opening a template when the application is started. Ironically a fair number of users don't like this new behavior either despite Revit opening a bit faster.

Here are three items I've heard in my travels.

Office Customization - Let us create our own border or at least add to the stock border to include office links to important help documentation/standards/news.

Icon/List/Detail - Display options similar to Windows Explorer that permit us to view more files as icons (current method) or list and detail view.

Browse/New - Currently these options appear at the bottom of the list which makes using them inefficient because we must scroll to access them. They take up very little space so put them at the top instead. They won't hurt picking our last project or family or second/third and now they are more accessible. Faster (a little) now than just using the File menu or the Open icon on the toolbar.

For a nice tip and example of what I'm suggesting that uses the now more or less typical Drafting View approach, check out THIS POST by Craig.

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