Monday, September 08, 2008

Door "Templates"

Some time ago I mocked up a few "template" family files that were configured for some common door situations I ran into. I call them templates because that's how I used them but I never bothered to change their file extension to .rft.

They had the 2D plan display that I wanted but no 3D panels since that was what I seemed to keep changing all the time. These represented a way to get "up and running" from scratch a little quickererer. When I needed a new door with a "special" panel I just grabbed one of these, added the panel, then loaded it into my project and got back to work.
These examples include the 2D swing family I created as part of my Autodesk University lab. I posted the handout for that HERE earlier. They also include a pair of extra reference planes that define the "required" offset from adjacent perpendicular walls so that a user can use the Align Tool to position a door very accurately easily according to this "standard" setting.

There is an Inset parameter to allow moving the door in and out of a wall.

I upgraded them to 2009 and posted them HERE if you are interested in tearing them apart.


David said...


Did you notice that when you group and link a model using your doors, some of the door swings flip facing direction in plan view? The problem can be solved by opening the linked model and making a simple change to the family parameters. Just wondering if you've noticed this.

Steve said...

No I haven't. Is the double doors by any chance? If so it may be caused by the flipping of the "same" family to create the opposite hand.

I believe that there have been some other nested component issue reported at AUGI where some nested parts don't display correctly.