Friday, September 26, 2008

Revit Service Pack Issued - New Build 20080915_2100

Scott Latch announced the following in the AUGI Revit forums:


[I am pleased to announce that the Revit product teams have just released the English version of Web Update 2 for Revit Architecture 2009 (Build 20080915_2100).

(NEW) Service Pack technology

For the first time in the Revit product line history, we have implemented Service Pack technology similar to the AutoCAD based products. This will greatly reduce the effort needed to update the Revit products to the newest build by allowing our users to update their existing installations without having to reinstall Revit. Because of this change, we recommend that you read the Service Pack Readme before installing.

The Web Update 2 can be found under the Revit Architecture product download page:


For a list of improvements, please refer to the “Web Update Enhancement List” located on the product download pages.

Localized versions of Web Update 2 will be available over the next few weeks. The localized versions will be released as full installs, due to some technical limitations. We are working to resolve the issues in order to provide Service Packs for all languages in the future.

Scott Latch
Technical Product Manager,
Revit Architecture

The service pack approach is a very welcome! We wish it happpened sooner but you know what they say, "Better late than never".


Download Revit MEP


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this update.

BTW you have a malformed link on the Download Now hypertext.

Steve said...

Thanks for letting me know, it should be fixed now.