Monday, September 22, 2008

Curtain Walls - Fun Stuff by Other Bloggers

It is considered ill form to just blog about stuff other bloggers are saying or doing but in this case I don't care! I find the stuff that people "cook up" in Revit to be interesting and I'm motivated to call attention to these three, two "Dave's" and a Craig.

Craig started it all with his POST at iRevit.

His inspiration was:

I recently attended a panel discussion at Siggraph 2008, where Enrique Rosado discussed his work with Viennese Sculptor Erwin Hauer. Hauer explored continuous perforated modular structures that as architectural panels, expanded into infinite surfaces with escher-esque qualities.

David Baldacchino picked up the ball with his POST at Do u Revit?
David Light then picked up the ball and ran with his POST at his Revit blog.
Then he ran a bit more with this POST.

Check out their posts and see what inspiration they provide? If me just writing about them doesn't inspire you to visit their blogs then does this little collage do it for you?

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Thanks Steve!

"Plug" all you like! :-) To be honest, as you've highlighted, the true credit should go to Craig as he kicked this all off! Although I do spend a far amount of time pushing CW systems myself. Expect more from me as my creative side has suddenly done mad.