Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Wish - Revit Dimension Features

This is dedicated to two perhaps minor wishes but I hear them echoed everywhere I go.

"Glue" - Permit two separate co-planar dimension strings to become one string. If separate dimension styles the first pick defines the "good" string, the style to use.

"Split" - The opposite, create two separate strings by selecting a point along the dimension string. The pick point defines which string the section selected remains attached to. In other words you split near the side you want the split segment to remain connected to. Maybe images would be clearer?

Or the reverse, but either way I'd take it!

Include the "Delete Inner Segment" option on the Options Bar! This way we just remove the selected segment and any between the first selection and a second, just like it works on walls/lines etc.


Robert said...

Speaking of dimensions, just today I had a user railing against the fact that he can't manually define two different tick marks for a dimension string. There is of course the centerline option, but that doesn't help him out. To make matters worse the dreaded "but CAD can do it..." phrase came up.


Architect said...

I second Robert's wish.

Anonymous said...

I used to work with an architect who did all hand drawings. All his dimensions were completely outside of the drawing - the strings never attached directly to objects in the model (the strings were pulled away) - which kept everything EXTREMELY clean.

I've always wished Revit could do something similar but with relative ease. Currently you can pull the strings away - but they do not lock easily to one another, and it is a big pain to struggle changing each individual string. This would be a much desired capability...being able to lock all the dimension strings to a reference plane or just have them snap to each other easily, so they are all in a line outside the drawing.

Steve said...

A friend's company prefers to dimension like you describe. I believe they just use two parameter values in the dimension styles:

Witness Line Control
Witness Line Length

When you set Witness Line Control to Fixed to Dimension Line you get to enter a value for Witness Line Lenght and that's how long the witness line will be by default. They just use a relatively short line so that dimension witness lines don't extend into the building.

Personally the drawings may look neat but it can be quite difficult to be certain just what elements are dimensioned on the job site. They end up having to use a straight edge to be sure.

They occasionally add a prefix/suffix to a dimension value so they can label it so we can "know" what the value refers to.

Steve said...

Decided to write a post to illustrate my response: