Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Revit Architecture Customer Council wants You!

If you are not aware of this program I invite you to check it out, perhaps you'd like to be a part of it? This is what the site looks like on the Revit Architecture Customer Council Welcome page:

Program Benefits Listed are:

You join an exclusive group of customers who will have more communication with the RevitArchitecture team and better visibility into our development process.

You have the opportunity to provide direct feedback about RevitArchitecture to the product team which will help us deliver a higher quality product that is more relevant to your needs.

You will receive exclusive access to survey results that will enable you to see how other professionals from around the world are using Revit Architecture.

This site was created some time ago and its use by both users and Autodesk dwindled due to other priorities. Autodesk wishes to renew its use and effectiveness. You can help!

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