Monday, September 29, 2008

Autodesk Subscription Site

One word at a time...Frustrating, depressing, pop-ups, awful...

This is the only site I visit regularly with such reliable poor performance. Multiple pop up screens, multiple error messages in IE7, Firefox and Chrome... just bloody awful. I would NEVER visit it if it weren't for the fact that I must. Why can't they figure out how to code a site without pop-ups?

I supply my credentials, click Submit and the little blue boxes travel across the screen with a nice message about loading my information and large accounts may take some end with the IE "white screen of death".

In Firefox it is:

When I tell Firefox to proceed anyway I get this message.

And in Google's Chrome:

No cookies...lots of difference same error.

I give up...I've used the Email for more help option to see if an actual person can figure out what is wrong. now I can log in to the newsgroups and Autodesk University but not the subscription site. Brilliant! I get this message when I click on the link for subscription now!

My guess at this point is when they did the consolidation on my account(s) they "oops", worst case, deleted my records relating to my software purchases. I'm hoping they've just misplaced them...

I'm just grateful that I got to participate in the beta so I don't really "need" to download the new software...yet.

Tuesday update: Aaah the irony...I get this message this morning!

Update Tuesday night: Support is working on it...hoping for the best.


Gregory Arkin said...

To make it worse, Autodesk just released 64 bit versions of Revit for subscription customers only.

A fun day for all subscription customers.

Anonymous said...

What is even more frustrating is trying to get end users to log-in to the provided e-learning that is available. They get caught in a loop and can never get in, regardless of browser. I couldn't agree more about how bad this site is!

Steve said...

The only way I get in is using the password they provide. When I log in using it I must create my own new password. I do that, submit it, and then try to log in and their site tells me it doesn't recognize my credentials.

Makes me want to live out the part of Enigo Montoya in Princess Bride when he finds out where the six fingered man is..."There will be blood tonight!"

Anonymous said...

Hi guys - I spoke to the Autodesk today and they informed me that if you don't have an active subscription contract you should not attemp to log in to the site.

Consolidation of logs ins did not grant access to all Autodesk sites.

So please be careful not to lock out your passwords trying to get into the subscription site if you don't have a contract.

Gregory Arkin said...

Well, now we know why it's a great idea to be on subscription.

There's actual real value in Revit subscription.

Steve said...

I do have a subscription account or at least I did before the merging of accounts. Thanks for the intel though!

aah Gregory you're biased *-)

Gregory Arkin said...

Me biased? I am completely open minded to any 64 bit application that can do parametric modeling, structural analysis and LEED calculations, while having an API, the ability to have built in rendering, while also having the ability to import and export 2D dwg files, including a simple and intuitive interface and it has to be a company that is based in the US.

So, I think I'm completely unbiased.

"As AutoCAD rears his head and comes into the air space of the BIM, where– where do they go? It’s Revit. It's just right over the layer."