Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Managing Links - Menu versus Project Browser

This pertains to Revit model files only. One relatively new feature that I've been slow to recognize myself and during training is the Link information available within the Project Browser. I seem to prefer the dialog. I suppose my excuse might be that I'm often dealing with linked DWG (sometimes DGN) files too and those aren't available on the Project Browser, though that was my original wish...not for Revit links (not that it is bad to have them).

To be specific I'm referring to the File menu > Manage Links dialog.


The Project Browser and Right Click approach when you select the "Top of the Tree", Revit Links will yield an option to open the Manage Links dialog.

When you Right click on a listed Linked File instead and you get this menu.

The tools are the same only the route taken varies. Take the road you prefer...?

[FWIW, For this post I used a model (and its links) belonging to a client that asked me to poke around and give them some advice. That's why I've blurred the "sensitive" file names protect the "innocent".]

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Anonymous said...

I keep right clicking the linked element & looking for these options! Old Habits...