Friday, August 21, 2009

Simpson Content Update

I have been contacted by Ed again to let me know that he has encountered issues with the content and he is getting similar reports from others. They haven't been able to get them to work in Revit. A couple of comments posted here and in a thread at AUGI suggest that this first release might better have been termed "Alpha". Ed informs me that he's been told that the folks at Simpson are working on it. I'm sure they'll get the situation sorted out.

The primary objections shared with me so far is modelling excessively and that users need detail component versions of these families as much or more than 3D versions. This is what I was alluding to in my comment about level of detail in the previous POST.


DoTheBIM said...

I contacted Simpson over two years ago about getting Revit families. While I was assured that they would be looking into it. I did not wait and developed my own. I asked for data that they had in catalogs to be in electronic format to speed up the process with type catalogs. they graciously provided them in access iirc. And in about a week I had several hundred hangers to choose from. I let them know that their data was very helpful to me and we ended up meeting to show what I had and see if there was any interest in purchasing or working together. Nothing panned out. I expressed the level of detail as a very top level concern regarding this kind of content. I suggested adding holes and curvey edges as detail work and not to show that stuff in a model as it would bog stuff down. Guess it fell on deaf ears. and it amazes me the money and time they could have saved starting with something like what I had as a guideline. Just shows that what I feared from getting manufactures to build content was not unfounded.

ixxx69 said...

We need detail components way more than 3D models of this stuff. And if we need a 3D model, it should be much less detailed than these. (I've already dropped an email to simpson).

I just don't get it - how much effort would it have taken for them to create just a few families and solicit feedback on AUGI first?

DoTheBIM said...

They did solicit feedback, but I'm not sure how they selected their feedback base... probably anyone who asked for the revit versions got included. I even offered to post their content on AUGI for feedback or invited them to post it themselves. All I got back was a wall staring me in the face.

Amir Deihimi said...

Simpson Strong Tie has already uploaded the 2D families as well. I have commented on your last post and mentioned that this process is ongoing.
I think Simpson hesitates to upload the families anywhere but their own website to avoid any confusions in case they make any changes or modifications on their actual product. Good idea! That way their website is always the latest and greatest source.