Friday, August 28, 2009

Revit Structure - New Extension - Element Positioning

A recent post from BIM and Beam blog. This is an excerpt:

...snip...Download the Extension from the Subscription Center under the “Revit Extensions for Autodesk Revit Structure 2010” link.

Revit Structure has various tools to adding tags to your structural elements. One can add them to the element one-by-one or, by using the “Tag all” tool, can add them automatically within the current view. However, it would be more practical if it could be able to add tags by defining more than just the current view as well as to be able to set a distance for the placement of the tags and number them by element, type, and/or level.

Revit Structure 2010 now has an extension that will give more flexibility to adding tags within your project. This Element Positioning extension allows these basic functions:
  • Create a set of elements and divide them into categories and types
  • Sort elements depending on their location in the project
  • Add a tag describing a user-defined position at the location specified
The extension allows loading necessary information from Revit Structure such as:
  • Object category (e.g. beam)
  • Object family (e.g. steel W-section)
  • Object type (e.g. W12x26)
  • Object geometry
  • Object location (level)
  • Material of which the object is made (after you select the option)
  • Bars reinforcing for RC elements (after you select the option)...snip...
The blog continues to explain each subset of the extension a bit more, check it out?!

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