Friday, August 28, 2009

Egress Path Update

I don't get as many requests for this as I used to because I've made it easier to just download them directly. I got a request today from a new user who wasn't sure how to get the families and schedules into their project or template. So I wrote back to explain and while I was writing it occurred to me that maybe others might have wondered about this too.

First, if you don't know what this is about you can use THIS SEARCH to see all the posts I've made about it already.

Second, I recorded a VIDEO to explain how.

Third, you can watch or at least listen below to see how to get the content in your project or template:

I used Revit Architecture 2009 to record the video because that was the file version that I happened choose. I probably should have done it with 2010 but the concepts are the same.

Fourth, I've added another video to demo how to use them, as requested.

Last, seasoned users know that there are other ways to get the content in the project too as well as using them in the project. I just showed one, pretty simple, way to get where you want to go.


kdjanz said...

Given that I pasted all the elements into my project, how do I actually use them to create a new path? Could you do a quick tutorial on that please.

I tried stretching and moving one of your existing paths, but the readout labels stayed in Imperial feet and inches even though my units were metric mm. Is there something in the formulas or types that is forcing this? Where do I look inside the family to tweak this potentially very useful family?

Thanks for your work,


Steve said...

Good point, check out the second video added just now!