Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Family Editor - Annotation

This is a quick reminder. When you first open a Revit template or any family for that matter, what you see depends on the way the previous user left it. If they turned off categories or altered a view in some other way that's what you see.

The reminder therefore is, when you open a template be sure to check Visibility/Graphics and the Annotations tab. Some or all of the categories listed here are quite often turned off. Particularly true of finished content because this improves the thumbnail we see while loading content. This is also why most stock content is using a 3D view oriented to a side view so that annotation is automatically removed.

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Anonymous said...

I normally just duplicate a 3D or Exterior View of the Object so that its labelled "Copy of...." and turn off the annotation, turn on the Shaded line view. This is then the last view that i save, and is shown in the thumbnails. I find it a bit of a prick having to turn on and off the annotations etc.