Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pads and Slope Arrows

I received a question the other day about an unwanted sliver of a toposurface element appearing. At first the assumption was related to Design Options because there was quite a bit going on. Turns out adjusting the pad and its Slope Arrow could resolve the issue. Here's a picture of Pad A and B. Pad "B" obviously has the sliver problem.

Pad A is two pads, one flat and one sloping. Both pads are set at their lowest elevation and the Slope Arrow tells the pad to go UP. Here are the properties of the sloping pad.

And here are the properties of the Slope Arrow for A.

Pad B is also two pads but they are defined a little differently.

Pad B's Slope Arrow properties.

When you need a pad to slope it seems that it is more reliable to define the lowest elevation and work up than in the reverse. At least it helped resolve this sliver.


Danny said...

I have no idea why I've never tried this before. Great tip.

Daniel said...

Excellent, I run into this occasionally - now I know how to resolve it - thanks!

Jean-Frederic Monod said...

Sorry to report that this isn't working for me. Revit 2011. Regardless of slope arrow direction I still get the sliver.

Steve said...

Yes, see that too unfortunately. Possible workaround, place a pad to move the surface to the lowest elevation. Use a floor(s) to define the sloping and flat "pads" instead.

Francisco Marquez said...

Hey steve but the problem is that i need to quantify the amount of land i´m digging out any sugestions to get rid of the silver? thnaks