Friday, August 14, 2009

Autodesk University 2009 - Virtually

I will be presenting one class at AU09. It is part of the new Virtual Sessions they are offering. This means that you can attend this session (and others) at AU even if you can't do so in person. The class is called:

"Autodesk Revit Collaboration: Shared Coordinates for Projects Big and Small"

They (Autodesk) are offering two kinds of passes: AU Virtual Free Pass and AU Virtual Premier Pass. They have a comparison chart. Something to consider for those planning to travel to Vegas, each person that registers to attend AU in person will receive two complimentary AU Virtual Premier Passes.

I haven't been able to figure out how people sign up for it yet except that I've seen the class listed in the tentative schedule that was posted on the AU Blog. It may just be a little too soon since general registration has not yet opened.

By the way, there is another class to attend on this subject that will be available for people who come to Vegas.

AB118-3 - "Finding Your Way Around Shared Coordinates"

Theresa Martin will be presenting. Theresa, who works for Ideate, worked as a lab assistant in one of my labs and is a smart cookie so you won't go wrong attending it if you can.

I digress...I don't know about you but I find it annoying that the AU site must load a video before giving me back control of my browser everytime I visit their homepage. I'm just glad I've got decent bandwidth. I can only imagine what it must be doing to those who don't.

Hope to see you at AU 2009 and virtually too!

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