Thursday, August 13, 2009

Revit Inside - Getting on the List

I started the blog Revit Inside back during April 2006. But when the Revit Structure blog BIM and Beam posted about it the other day I realized that I never really mention it much here on Revit OpEd. I do have a link for it on the sidebar.

It has been growing steadily, quietly for the last three years. I see a surge in requests when it is mentioned at a user group meeting, or a reseller happens to mention it during a conversation etc. There have been quite a few since BIM and BEAM's mention of it too.

The premise of the list is quite simple. Your firm name is a hyperlink to your company website with the relevant location information. The only thing we have to manage is a simple bit of information. Your own site does the selling.

Over the last three years I've had a couple of requests to make the list more comprehensive. There is much more that firms would like to know about your firm before contacting you. Such as How many projects you've completed, how many staff use Revit, How long have you been using Revit and many others. Another request is to allow the list to be searched geographically.

I've considered a Google approach to the list where you type in a search criteria and then provide a result but the list hasn't been so big that a short period of scrolling provides a comprehensive look at all the firms listed. For now I plan to leave it alone so the list is longer and more impressive.

As for providing more information that would require much more information from firms who want to be on the list. This would require joining the site, membership etc, so that you could edit your own information when it changes. Instead of going that route I think that firms that use Revit could/should provide a Revit page on their own sites that can provide the necessary background and do so in their own words.

Oh, as for actually getting on the list visit the Revit Inside site for instructions. If you are in a hurry you can start an email to me now.

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