Sunday, August 23, 2009

Titleblock Parameters

You want to add a parameter to your title block family so that you can change the value for each sheet/title block.

You need a Shared Parameter. You add this parameter to the title block family. When you define the parameter you must be careful to choose the correct data type so you can store the values you want ie; text, number, integer etc.

Once you have defined the Shared Parameter (SP) you can add a Label to the title block and select your SP. Assuming everything else is done in the title block, save and load it into your project.

In the project the parameter value will not let you edit it until you add the SP to the Project via Manage Ribbon tab > Project Parameters (Settings menu > Project Parameters in 2009).

It is here that you define whether your parameter will be distinct for each sheet or the same for all sheets.

If distinct then you assign the parameter to category: Sheets (instance parameter).

If the same for all sheets then you choose category: Project Information (Type Parameter).

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