Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Walls and Footings

Darryl over at CADCLIPs posted a video overview of creating stepped footings using an in-place family. I recently had this conversation with a client and showed him the same process but also showed him another technique that is worth doing.

So Darryl did one, this is the other brother Darryl. This method uses a floor as the "footing", a floor slab edge and profile. Wrapping it up is attaching the base of the wall to the "floors". I posted the VIDEO and here's an embedded one you can listen to and watch here.


Architect said...

Does anyone else find the volume level on the videos is unusually low?

Steve said...

Watching this one the volume seemed a bit too loud, had to turn it down quite a bit

iyyy69 said...

Pretty cool!

Up until you placed the elevation tags, I was thinking that in most instances it would just be faster to do the in-place approach. But if you need to mark the elevations, your approach looks great. I wonder if it would still make sense to use an in-place for the underside of the steps - it's just unusual that you would have this perfect equal length stepping?

Steve said...

Most engineers I've met use a "standard" ratio for stepping so a profile abide with them pretty easily.