Sunday, February 07, 2010

Flip Arrows and the Exterior

Read a post on another blog the other day stating that the flip arrows on elements are always on the exterior side of the element. It is definitely true for walls because they are system families, or Hosts as the current documentation calls them. If a door or window family is created using the stock templates and not altered then the statement remains true. However, the controls (flip arrows) can be moved in these families so we are depending on the family editor observing this habit. Don't think I can quite call it a standard, maybe a strong recommendation?

Ideally the flip arrows (controls) present in a family should be located so they also indicate the exterior side of a wall hosted element. Your mileage may vary!


SpunkyMom said...

Just Googling Revit Flip Control in effort to find more documentation than on Autodesk Help... In developing our casework library I am finding inconsistant results with non-system families such as casework or specialty equipment. In some the flip at the left side. In some I can reason that being the point of origin. Other times it flips almost at the middle but not... ??? On some items where the point of origin would look it would be back/center. I get inconsistant results flipping at both the above and other... Was hoping to find some "guidelines". Any suggestion on this year old post? Thank you Steve!

Steve said...

Hi, yes inconsistency rules the day. The flipping/rotating behavior enabled by placing "controls" are guided by reference planes that define the origin of your family. Two crossing Reference Planes in a plan view can be assigned the "Origin" parameter.

There is also a physical origin in a family, like 0,0,0 in a cad program like AutoCAD. It is a good practice to keep your Reference Planes (Origin "marking) at the same location. The default templates have them in the correct place (hopefully still true) so not moving them is a good idea.

I could probably write more but can't right now...sounds like fodder for a new post! Good luck!