Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Dept. of Unfair - Pipes and Ducts and the Workplane

It's been a buggy week! Bummer! Walls and lines recognize the presence of the work plane grid being visible. Ducts and pipes however don't. This means we can't use the work plane grid to sketch ducts or pipes according to the grid orientation.

Technically we CAN use the work plane gird IF we are willing to set duct and pipe elevations at zero. Revit sees the work plane grid when the ducts are getting sketched at the work plane elevation, which is zero, if assigned to the Level. Hmmm, I suppose I could sketch a reference plane in section, name it, and then assign it as the work plane for the plan view I want to use and then turn on the grid, ow my eye!!

It would be helpful and nice if it were possible without any shenanigans. Here's a little video to explain what I'm writing about.


Ben said...

Steve, So you were doing implementation work with o'conner sutton? I was lucky enough to work in Dublin for all of 2008 with Arup starting the implementation process for the structural teams

Throughly enjoyed my time there, and the storehouse was a must visit and I believe I went there on the first day I arrived. Turned out my main boss at Arup was the lead design engineer on the redevelopment of the building.

Glad you enjoyed your time there, I am back in sunny Melbourne,Aus myself

Steve said...

Yes indeed, thanks for the comments!