Thursday, February 04, 2010

Cloud Computing at AECBytes

AECBytes released an article, called "BIM and the Cloud", by Chris France, CIO of Little Diversified, discussing their technology shift to Private Cloud computing. Essentially they have high end servers and Remote Desktop Server technology providing anywhere anytime access to their IT resources to any of their staff and/or partners. That's an over simplification of the effort taken certainly.

It is a compelling solution for firms faced with remote staff, various offices, workstation performance and maintenance and other reasons. The article claims that they are the first AEC implementation of this approach but it doesn't say when they started doing this. Just to quibble I've been in at least one other firm that has been doing this for quite awhile but just hasn't declared it publicly. A consulting firm that I do some work for also has this set up now but not on the scale of these others. Regardless it is cool stuff and challenges the status quo as well as opening the door to many possibilities.

Check out the ARTICLE, it is well written and provides enough depth to help even a lay person get a good sense of how it all works.

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Chris said...

Thanks for the blog plug Steve! Never a dull moment in the AEC or CIO world!