Sunday, February 07, 2010

Revit OpEd Tube

A comment in a recent post asked why the videos I've done aren't posted at YouTube. I replied, "Because I had a Screencast account already and it was easy." Not a very good answer really. Based on a comment after posting this initially a much smarter answer would have been, "Because some of this blog's readers have YouTube blocked at work".

Unfortunately it isn't easy to switch from .swf format to a compatible format at YouTube, at least not until I'm prepared to sink some cash into the problem that is. I recorded the most popular (of mine that is) curtain wall video (Louver) in .avi format (best I could do last night in the midst of everything else going on).

There is now a Revit OpEd YouTube channel. It will take some time to get the existing ones ported over so hang in there. I've got much to learn about being part of YouTube. It was easy before, I just watched videos. Well I hope that this avenue is useful to people too!

P.S. Based on Craig's comment I'll clarify that I don't have any plan to stop using the Screencast site in favor of YouTube.


Craig Thomas said...

Hey Steve,

I hate to make things more difficult, but I thought you might want to hear a different point of view.

Our company blocks sites like YouTube (long story and I'm not sure I agree with that decision). So if that is the ONLY source for your videos, we won't be able to see them. :(

BTW ... keep 'em coming. They're great!


Steve said...

Good point. I didn't have any plan to stop using Screencast though. It is still pretty convenient to post them that way. More trouble to do it at YouTube really.

So can you watch the screencast hosted ones or is that blocked too?

Craig Thomas said...

I think we can get to the screencast videos. I'll have to check when I'm back in the office Monday.

Thanks Steve.