Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Off Topic: Videos of Curtain Walls are Most Popular

Last fall I posted two videos about curtain wall techniques, one about louver panels and the other about butt glazing at corners. I posted the louver video on September 11th and it has been watched 1220 times as of tonight making it the most watched video of those that I've posted so far. The butt glazing video was posted on October 13th and it has been watched 909 times putting it in second place.

The third and fourth place videos are about stairs, both about Dutch winder stairs, 745 and 633 views respectively. The race between these four videos seems to have settled into a steady pace...1,2,3 & 4 as they haven't changed their pecking order since.

I wrote about this back in November just a bit before attending Autodesk University. A comment by Elisa suggested that they'd hit 1K before AU. In fact the louver panel video did crest 1k a day or so after AU. I didn't figure out how to award a prize sorry. I also mentioned that there were 734 subscribers and that's risen to 837 as of tonight. Slow and steady...that's me, Mr. Turtle in "this race", whatever race this is. 8-)

I know this sort of trivia is probably meaningless to anyone other than me but I find it interesting to see how these short little videos attract attention. I suppose if the videos were about someone falling exotically down a mountainside while skiing I'd have a million views by now but then I'm not going for a wide audience with a blog about I? That's all the trivia I'll indulge in for now, thanks!


Mark Randa said...

I watched one of the videos, and will come back and watch the others later. How come you dont have them on YouTube?

At any rate, I was wondering if you would critique some BIM files I have created. I am a long-time Inventor user, and recently have gotten several requests for creation of BIM Librarys.

I'm new to Revit, and the advice I recieved from Autodesk was to have experianced Revit users have a look at the parts.

The first ones I have compleated are structural fasteners, and can be found at:

I've added a link to your site in my blog area and will be back as I really want to have both Revit and Inventor experiance. A back link would be appreciated. Thanks

Mark Randa
The Open Design Project

Steve said...


I can add your blog link to my list of blogs. I suggest you invite some Revit AUGI members to test your content.

I'll warn you that most users won't be all that excited to test 3D fasteners...not a lot of those getting put in building models yet, unless they are really big!

All the best!

Steve said...

I didn't answer your question about YouTube, sorry forgo to. I already have a screencast account and I am using their Jing application to make them. So the shorter answer is because it is easier than posting to YouTube. Not a good reason, but is one.