Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Dept. of Echo - Why Isn't Revit Multi-Threaded??

I'm not going to even to attempt to explain this one. Guy Robinson's blog Bolt Out of the Red has a new post yesterday that does. He's a programmer whose been specializing in Revit API projects for about as long as a person could be and not be a Autodesk employee.

I've responded to posts many times at AUGI asking this question or insinuating that Revit is slack for not doing this already. I think it is a much more important request to ask that performance overall be improved rather than state that the solution we want is "multi-threading" as if that alone solves the problem. I don't have the brains to even pretend to tell them how to solve it, I just want more, fasterer and betterer...soonererer. Thanks in advance for more, fasterer and bettererer.

Thanks Guy for your attempt to explain it!


DaveP said...

Hey, Steve.

One other explanation I’ve heard uses an analogy of a math problem.
If you are trying to get the answer to 100 addition problems, a class full of 5th graders is going to be faster than one person with a Math PhD.
However, if you are trying to answer a Differential Equation, the 5th graders aren’t going to help much.
Revit is more like the Differential Equation.

Steve said...

Oh I see, you attach a drive shaft to a differential correct? See I'm smarter than I thought!!