Friday, February 12, 2010

Dept. of Errors - Assert Yourself?

Have you seen this message? I've been seeing it lately in conjunction with middle mouse use and having my computer connected to a projector. I don't recall seeing it in other circumstances.

If you have I'd be curious what the circumstances have been (post a comment). I find that if I click Retry that I can at least save the file. Ultimately I have to click Abort and accept that RAC, RST or RME will have to close. At least I can save!!


Unknown said...

Lately i've been getting this almost daily, somtimes multiple times a day. Similar to you, clicking
Retry I'm able to save the file before the crash.

Happens when in family editor, project, in a number of scenarios. I'll try to make note of specific situations and see if there is a pattern.

Jeremy said...

On the long list of improvements that I'm assuming Autodesk is planning to implement for the next release I'm hoping one of them is coherent warning messages we can understand.

Probably too much to ask?

Paul F. Aubin said...

By my recollection, asserts are part of a debug mode that you should not see in normal use. I would contact the factory and see what they can do about this :-)

Robert said...

We have been repeatedly seeing this error on specific users. So far Autodesk has not been able to tell us anything or give useful feedback. These folks are simply working on their projects, nothing special.

RobiNZ said...

I see it after a group policy error in event manager. Not immediate but the next save or edit family after this event results in the dialog & exit

Anonymous said...

I get thise error message in 2 hour period no mater what I do.