Friday, October 30, 2009

Doors and Scheduling To Room From Room

Revit door schedules can include a parameter for From Room and To Room. The way a door determines which is which depends on how you place the door. The door is To a room when the swing is defined into that room initially. When you place it the other way then the To value is based on the adjacent area, like a corridor.

Further, when you change the From or To Room values in a schedule Revit will honor your choice and toggle the other to the opposite value. If you just flip the door in the plan view though the schedule does not change. This is intentional.

A door may need to swing into a corridor for exiting but technically belong to the room and therefore the To value should not change. This may be the exception to the rule but that's how it works.

I created a video that demonstrates this a bit. I also mention a limitation that was mentioned in a post about this at AUGI. The limitation is how thin a room can be before the door no longer can generate a To Room value in the schedule. The magic number is 14", in my testing, any thinner and no To value.

If you want to listen and watch here instead...


Mikey Stix said...

What you just did with changing the to/from room designation and then flipping the door doesnt work.
Heres my video:

Steve said...

Revit has been altered since I recorded this video in 2009. There is a new feature that can be activated in doors that can affect how it works. If they are stock doors then it ought to continue to behave as it did in the past. I don't know what door families you are relying on though.