Friday, October 09, 2009

Revit Family Style Guide

Are you the Family Editor in your firm? Work for a manufacturer and planning to make content. You should seriously consider downloading the Revit Model Style Guide documentation from Autodesk. This is what you'll find inside the zipped file when you download it.

Each folder contains examples of content and a document that explains what the objectives are for making each kind of family. Of particular importance is guidance with creating a variety of parameters for each category that has example folders. This guide was created to help people who are building content intended to be available on Autodesk's Seek site.

For those of us who have been suggesting that Autodesk needed to broaden the available built-in parameter structure, the Revit Master Parameter and Shared Parameter list and files should be particularly interesting.

Maybe you'll find the information contained therein useful!?! Happy reading and family editing...


Ben said...

Steve, Thanks for the link

Looks like a step in the right direction

It is marked V2 but I dont remember seeing another document in a similar format. Was there a previous public release of this document in a similar format?



Steve said...

I don't think V1 was available as widely as this version.

Anonymous said...

Has this ZIP file been altered? There doesn't appear to be any metric reference files.

Steve said...

Altered? Not by me... 8-) sorry!