Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hard Drive Space - A Little Off Topic

This morning was all planned out. Then an email in the first of the climb out of bed bunch changes things a bit. Living on the "left" or West coast means that most of the country gets at least a couple hour head start. I now need to download and install some stuff. Download done...start install, no disk space...huh??

But I've got a 150gb hard drive and most of my stuff is on an external drive. Where did it go? I'm not really sure...yet. I have been on a splurge lately installing various applications to check out etc. I guess I lost track of the impact on the hard drive. I swear it was half full last night...well, I think so...maybe.

Then again I've been enduring the same Microsoft Update attempting to install for the last month and a half. Install it and the little shield goes away for about ten minutes and up pops another warning, "Update Ready"... A check with Microsoft's site suggests running a check for Update status. Sure enough there it is and a couple others. Finally appears to have stuck, or they've killed it so it doesn't hassle anyone anymore.

So I spent my day, in between doing the things I was supposed to do, deciding which applications I really need to keep on my computer. Throw in a disk cleanup session that ran for most of the day... Oh, well...10 hours later and I can now install what I started to install at 7:30 am.


Erik said...

Hooray for technology!!!!

Steve said...

The update returns!! Security Update for Windows XP x64 (KB956744) is baaacccckkk...aaarrrggghhhh

James Van said...

Steve, ever heard of Mojopac ( You can install apps on your external drive and run them from there.