Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Subscription Advantage Pack

I missed out on this one. I was invited to attend the "Blogger Update" that many other bloggers have written about today but I was already scheduled to visit a client today. Priorities priorities! Plenty has been written about this already so rather than rehash the details I'll just point you in the direction of the other blogs I've read so far that have discussed this.

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I am very pleased to see so many things added to Revit as part of this update/release. I had a nice opportunity to voice my opinion about the 2010 release during a phone call with some Autodesk staff members a few months ago. I consider this new update an indication that they took me (and many others, I'm definitely not the only person to do this) seriously. I do think that it is an indication they are listening...again! Cheers to "The Factory"!! Looking forward to getting my hands on the new stuff!


Anonymous said...

The pack seems to have been pulled... Is it just me?

Steve said...

I still see them. If you don't have a subscription for a given product then the site filters those out of what is available.