Friday, October 23, 2009

Roof Eave - Edge Conditions

A question via email prompts this post. The writer is trying to figure out how to change the roof edge condition to represent what he needs.

Roofs have one parameter that offers three options to define a roof edge condition:
  • Plumb
  • Two Cut - Plumb
  • Two Cut - Square

This is what each of the three options look like in a section view.

This portion of the Construction Group (groups are the blue "bars, dividing boundaries in the dialog) defines how the roof fascia/edge is adjusted. When you choose either of the Two Cut techniques you need to provide the Fascia Depth value.

Related to this in a way is the setting for Rafter or Truss. This is only available to roofs that have been defined using the Pick Wall technique. Roofs that are not sketched with Pick Wall use the Rafter configuration and do not offer this option in the properties dialog.

I created a short video to show what I'm writing about. As usual I've embedded the video here too so you can listen and watch now.

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djnelson75 said...

One thing that might be worth mentioning that I ran into, is that that the Fascia Depth is over the entire roof assembly not just the structural portion. Also when you set the roof to rafter it springs from most interior portion of the wall assembly including finishes, not the inside face of structural portion.