Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dept. of Bugs - RAC - Structural Settings Missing

It appears that the new Subscription Advantage Pack has hidden the Structural Settings dialog. Prior to the update it was located on the Structure Panel on the Home ribbon tab. The update adds a new Ribbon tab called Structure, but no access to Structural Settings via a sneaky arrow at the base of one of the panels as might be expected.

There is no Structural Settings listed under Settings on the Manage Ribbon tab either. As a comparison, in Revit Structure there is a large button dedicated to this.

I think the Revit team is going to send someone out in a VW bus tomorrow to fix this personally. It's going to be called the Great VW Bus Structural Settings Fix Tour of 2009 or GVWBSSFT09 for short.


Steven Campbell said...

Sounds like you are volunteering to drive...

Ecorenovation said...

Looks like the problem has been solved by removing the Advantage Pack!! Seems to have disappeared along with the excellent Imagemodeler.