Monday, October 12, 2009

Social Marketing Experiments and AU Video Contest

The contest submission period ended and the so called voting has begun. I say so called because I have to join Facebook to vote on the videos. I've resisted joining Facebook because I'm already a member of too many such things and I really don't want another one to deal with.

I blogged about Laura's video already as well as tweeted about it. I'm not joining another social network to just vote on the videos. Why are they forcing people to join Facebook? Why another site instead of their own site? Why are they assuming that everyone wants to? Why are they limiting the pool of voters to Facebook members or those willing to join just to vote? I don't know. I find it irritating though.

The voting for this contest should be on the AU home page and have a real voting platform not Facebook's comment feature as a voting method.

Well...moving on...


Robin Capper said...

I agree, but am reluctanly also already on Facebook. I caved as family/friends are there already but the turning point was Tweetdeck, which I already use for Twitter, supporting it.
It became a 'no additional overhead" option to "be" on Facebook but I'm still not sure of it's value.
A year ago I would have said that about Twitter but, again, Tweetdeck brought some order (by grouping) to the stream and made Twitter a tool I value rather than suffer.

Anonymous said...

I second that...

Dave Baldacchino said...

Oh come on Steve, why won't you be my friend? :)

iyyy69 said...

I've found facebook a lot of fun reconnecting with old friends and staying in touch with distant ones.

The problem is when your mom and boss want to be your friend. Yes, there are "privacy" settings, but it all becomes a drag.

Even more trouble when you're world famous revit guru Steve Stafford and everyone on AUGI wants to be your "friend" and you end up with eight hundred people you don't know letting you in on every single meaningless detail of their lives, or you risk hurting a lot of feelings by ignoring their friend requests. "What, Dave is cool enough to be your friend, and I'm not?" ;-)