Monday, November 02, 2009

How View Range Affects various Views and Elements

The blog Design ReForm posted a nice demo that shows how the view range settings are related in 3D space. I thought I'd tag on to it by creating a few that show how various view range settings affect different views. Just in case you don't have a spare 15 minutes, keep in mind that each video is between 3-5 minutes long. Jing's free version limits videos to no more than five minutes which is perfect for me because I don't want to do longer ones, I don't want to steal your attention for too long. As such I normally wouldn't put these together in one post but they are all related to each other, so I did. You don't have to watch them all now 8-).

The first video deals with plan views.

This next video is about ceiling plans and framing plans.

The last video is about site and roof plan views.

My session of Jing ran out of memory right as I was about to wrap the third video so I left it as is, lazy guy syndrome. I hope that between their video and these that view range starts to make more sense!

Added 11/05/09: Video Four of Four - View Range Top Offset of Primary Range


tVo said...

Great videos, Steve! Note: the first video link (not the embed) is broken.

Steve said...

Thanks, I fixed the link. Odd path I put in there...must have been a copy/paste error on my part.

iSingh said...

What is the purpose of the 'Top' range? Do you have an example where it can be of use?

Steve said...

I'll have to find some time to delve into that.

Unknown said...

Thanks for video tutorials that are clear, concise, and complete. I understand view range now.
Jim Strapko

Adam Dickerson said...

Excellent tutorial, thanks for your time and effort. this has been very helpful in visualizing the view range.

eviele said...

Wow. Just looked at these and they are wonderful videos. Very clear and concise. Thanks for taking the time...

Eric Viele